Road Trip 2018

The road trip started in Austria, south of Vienna. In three weeks I drove accross Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The highlight of this road trip was driving to north cape, which is the northern most point in Europe which can be accessed on the street.

On this trip I travelled 10.540,3 kilometers in 24 days. According to my records, I charged 1.476 kWh and paid 330,89€ for it.

Below you can find the reports of the days. (Work in progress, not everything is translated to English for now)

Day 1 - Perchtoldsdorf (AT) to Milówka (PL)

The first day of my holiday road trip through northern Europe begins after work. At about 2pm I started at home to arrive at Milówka in Poland that evening. To get to Poland, I choose the route through Slovakia as there is enough charging infrastructure. It would have been closer to go through Czech Republic, but as foreigner it is not really possible to get access to the charging network of CEZ. The infrastructure in Slovakia is good and it… View More

Day 2 - Milówka (PL) to Suwałki (PL)

On the second day I drove across Poland, from Milówka to Suwałki. At around 8.30 AM in the morning I started from Milówka. It was not possible to charge at the Hotel overnight, but I had enough range to arrive the first charging station in Bielsko-Biała. When I was on my way to this charger, I noticed that I still had enough range to arrive the charger in Tychy. Since the speed was not that high on this road and I… View More

Day 3 - Suwałki (PL) to Vilnius (LT)

On the third day of the road trip I drove across the border to Lithuania. This and the next days are not that focussed on driving, but instead I want to see some thing in the Baltic states. Some impressions will be shown in the next posts. Shortly after starting at the Hotel I stopped already at the first charging stop. The last charger in Poland at Kaufland Suwałki had to be visited. It was possible to charge there for free, so… View More

Day 4 - Vilnius (LT) to Kaunas (LT)

On the fourth day of my road trip I attended a city tour in Vilnius. It started at 10 AM and took around 2.5 hours. After that I went back to the car, which was parked at the Hotel. For the trip to Kaunas the range in the battery was still enough, but since there were some free charging stations along the road I stopped there and had some lunch. The charging stations was directly located next to the highway. I had no problems… View More

Day 5 - Kaunas (LT) to Klaipeda (LT)

On the fifth day of my travels I started early in the morning. A longer leg than before was planned for the day. From Kaunas I started with a nearly full charged car in the direction of Panevėžys, where I charged at Hotel Romantic. It was a slow charging safety stop as the fast charger at Lidl in Šiauliai was removed some days before from Plugshare. To be safe, I stopped at the Hotel and charged for about 2.5 hours. During… View More

Day 6 - Klaipeda (LT) to Liepaja (LV)

On the morning of the sixth day I started from the Hotel without breakfast and to my first paid charging station in Lithuania! After some time it was possible to charge the IONIQ again with 68 kW (last time was back home). It cost 3.69€ - 0.25€/kWh with the charging card from… View More

Day 7 - Liepaja (LV) to Riga (LV)

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Day 8 - Riga (LV) to Cēsis (LV)

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Day 9 - Cēsis (LV) to Pärnu (EE)

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Day 10 - Pärnu (EE) to Tallinn (EE) / Helsinki (FI)

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