Travel Report - Road Trip to North Cape with the Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Today is the day where I finally present the travel report from my road trip through Europe with the full electric Hyundai IONIQ from INSTADRVIE.

Hyundai IONIQ Eletric from Austria at North Cape
Hyundai IONIQ Electric from Austria at North Cape

The trip started in Austria, south of Vienna. During three weeks I travelled through Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The highlight of the trip was going to North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe which can be reached on a street.

During this road trip I travelled 10.540,3 km in 24 days. According to my records I charged 1.476 kWh and paid 330,89€ for it. On the way I used 18 different methods to activate the chargers, but you don't need this much cards. If you don't care about the price two cards might be enough - NewMotion and Plugsurfing. With only using this cards, you have to rely on Fortum in Norway and can't use Grønn Kontakt. The Elmo chargers in Estonia are the only problem, they can only be activated with their own card. But there are already five Virta chargers which can also be activated with NewMotion or Plugsurfing.


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